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The Difference Between Franna Crane Dry Hire and Wet Hire


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For anyone from a construction company to a home project, deciding whether wet or dry hiring option for franna cranes best suits your project can be a bit challenging. Below are the benefits of both wet franna hire and dry franna hire.

What is Franna Crane Wet Hire?

When hiring a franna crane on wet hire, the machine, an experienced operator and all attachments required will be included in the total price. This hiring option can be seen to be an expensive cost as you not only have to take into consideration the operators labour, but also the franna cranes cost and the fuel as well. Wet hire for franna cranes can also be either short or long term, depending on the project length. This also includes insurance for all parties involved for the period of time required.

What is Franna Crane Dry Hire?

In contrast to wet hire, hiring a franna crane on dry hire only includes the machine and not an operator or any attachments needed. Dry hire for franna cranes is a considerably cheaper option as there is only the cost of hiring the crane, without considering the operators labour costs. However, as these franna cranes can be challenging to operate, utilising dry hire may not be the correct solution for all projects. Dry hire for franna cranes is usually pointed towards long term projects. 

    Benefits of Franna Crane Wet Hire

    No Additional Costs

      One major draw towards wet hire for franna cranes is that there are no additional costs once the price has been determined as everything is included. This price includes the operator cost, attachment costs, machine costs and fuel charges. If anything happens to the crane during the project, the hiring company will be responsible for the damage.

      Fully Insured

        Wet hire for franna cranes also includes full insurance, which dry hire does not. This means that in the event of an injury occurring to the operator, franna crane theft taking place or damage is inflicted on the crane, everything is insured.

        Experienced Operator

          In conjunction with being fully insured, wet hire of a franna crane also includes an experienced operator that understands how to utilise the crane for any project. Dry hire does not offer this and if you either use the machine yourself or hire another operator, either scenario may not be able to best utilise the crane.

          Benefits of Franna Crane Dy Hire

          Project Familiarity

            One benefit using dry hire for a franna crane is that you can use your own employee (or yourself) to utilise the crane. This would be beneficial as in either scenario, the person operating the crane already has a good understanding of the project required, which will increase work quality. However, if you used your own employee or you completed that project yourself, you or the employee would require an up-to-date license in order to use the franna crane.

            Reduced Starting Cost

              Another benefit to dry hire for franna cranes is that the starting cost is far less compared to wet hire. This is because there is no extra cost for an operator, only for the machine. However, if extra attachments or fuel is needed, that is up to your discretion.

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              Our capable, confident, and passionate team has worked across the state and over the border on jobs of all kinds and sizes. If you’re interested in engaging our services for your next job, contact us today.

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