Franna Crane Hire Rates in Western Australia


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Franna crane hiring rates are dependent and can vary drastically depending on various factors. These factors include the tonnage of the crane, the location of the job, the amount of time required for the crane and if you need wet or dry hire. Some extra costs may include damage to the franna crane or penalty rates (wet hire only). All these factors are dependent on where you decide to hire your franna crane from. Your first step should be to ask for a quote from the hiring company. This is to make sure that the hire cost aligns within your preferred price range prior to agreeing on hiring their crane.

What are the common costs that will be included in a franna crane hire price?

Before deciding on the size of the franna crane required, you must first decide whether you require wet or dry hire options. Although dry hire will save you money compared to wet hire, there are less extras that dry hire doesn’t offer. Wet hiring will ensure a quality job as there is an experienced operator in charge of the equipment and will save you costs if an unexperienced operator makes an error. Various attachments will also be included in the total price, as well as full coverage for insurance. Also, the tonnage of the franna crane will certainly influence the total cost as these larger machines cost more to maintain.

Some other costs that can either be added to the total cost or an add on include:

  • The age of the franna crane
  • The hiring hours
  • Fuel costs
  • Transportation to and from the project site

These costs make up the lost return on investment (ROI) when the franna crane is in transit between the company’s depot and the project site. If, however the franna crane is too large to transport without mobilisation and escorts, then an extra cost for transportation will be required.

    What to consider when hiring a crane from CSS Crane Hire?

    At CSS Crane Hire, in terms of wet hire, there is an hourly rate charge for not only hiring the crane but also for the rigger. There is also a minimum of a 2-hour depot to depot cost charge that is required. These costs can fluctuate depending on your location. If you want a free crane quote, contact the team at CSS Crane Hire.

    In regards to insurance costs at CSS Crane Hire, insurance cover for wet hire is covered by CSS Crane Hire in relation to our operator's error. CSS Crane Hire does not supply insurance cover for dry hire cranes, this requires the client to supply their own insurance policy before hiring the crane.

    CSS Crane Hire supplies and maintains a comprehensive selection of franna cranes for all project types within Pilbara, Kimberley, Goldfields, South-West, Perth Metro and anywhere in between. Enquire today on how we can provide you with the perfect franna crane for your project today.

    Call us today to arrange for a personalised quote.


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