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Hire a 22t franna crane for projects in Perth and beyond


  • Make: Terex

  • Model: Franna AT22

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 22t x 1.4m radius

  • 1.7t at 15.8m radius

  • Hook block [4 parts] capacity 16.8t

  • 17m maximum hook height

  • Single line 4.2t

  • Gross vehicle weight: 22t

  • Dimensions [mm] LxWxH: 9755mm x 2500mm x 3070mm


Our 22t franna cranes come with features including:


  • An agile and compact frame that aids mobility

  • Reversing cameras 

  • Spreader bars

  • Weight scales

  • Up-to-date maintenance records

Our 22t franna cranes for hire

Just right – experience the power and precision of one of our 22t franna cranes

If the idea of bringing in yet another piece of equipment (and potentially an operator for said equipment) is giving you pause, take it from us that there’s no need to worry. We’ve prioritised your safety, comfort, and convenience when designing our crane hire services, and kept simplicity in mind above all else. 

Whether you’re wet or dry hiring one of our cranes, it’ll arrive on-site with all the necessary safety documentation, along with any additional equipment specific to your hire agreement. Whether the operator’s one of yours or one of ours, we know from experience that making our crane hire services as straightforward as possible makes life easier for everyone involved.

An all-inclusive, end-to-end crane hire experience

Terex Franna MAC25-IV

Our franna cranes come with 20 degrees of movement to either side, improving moblity and maneuvrability  

CSS Crane Hire has been proudly servicing Western Australia’s mining and construction sectors since 2009. We send our franna cranes out to projects all around the state from our base in Canning Vale, even occasionally sending them across the border for work. We’re happy to work with you on a project outside of WA, just drop us a line and we can get down to details!

From Perth and WA to the entirety of Australia

If you think one of our 22t franna cranes could be what you need for your next project, get in touch! Our team can put together a tailored wet or dry hire plan for your mining or construction project, and send you a quote based on your project’s requirements. 

We prefer to hear from new clients via phone, but if you’d prefer to use our contact form, please include as much detail about your project as possible. That information will let us draw up a more thorough and comprehensive hire plan for your business, and give you a more accurate quote for our services.

Get in touch with us by giving us a call or fill out our simple online enquiry form; we can’t wait to make your next on-site crane hire experience a total breeze.

Contact our team

From our base in Canning Vale, we have been providing our crane hire services to Western Australia’s mining and construction industries since 2009. 

Our capable, confident, and passionate team has worked across the state and over the border on jobs of all kinds and sizes. If you’re interested in engaging our services for your next job, contact us today.

Bringing reliable crane hire to sites across Australia

25 Levis Drive, Canning Vale WA, 6155


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Meet the Manager of Maximum Hire, Ian 

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12th January 2017

12th January 2017

The Latest Addition to our Fleet

12th January 2017

CSS Crane Hire Pty Ltd has been operating since 2009 Australia-wide with a commitment to providing new and modern pick and carry mobile cranes.

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Copyright @ CSS Crane Hire 2022 

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