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Our range of professionally maintained 25t franna cranes


  • Make: Terex

  • Model: Franna MAC25-IV

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 25t x 1.41m radius

  • 1.8t at 15.71m radius

  • 18m maximum hook height

  • Hook block [6 parts] capacity 25t

  • Single Line 4.2t

  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 24.5t

  • Dimensions [mm] LxWxH: 9985 x 2720 x 3075


Our 25t franna cranes come with a number of safety features such as:

  • Built-in sensors which tell the crane to derate in order to cover uneven surface gradients

  • Adjust the crane’s computer and sensors based on different capacities and load weights

  • Reversing cameras 

  • Spreader bars 

  • Weight scales

Our 25t franna cranes for hire

For the really big jobs, trust one of our 25t frannas to get it done

At CSS Crane Hire we know that construction and mining projects already involve a huge number of moving parts - that’s why we’ve designed our crane hire services to come with zero headaches and zero loose ends for you to tie up yourself. 

All our 25t franna cranes and equipment will arrive on-site ready to lift, complete with all necessary documentation and safety requirements. 

Our 25t franna cranes also come with a wide range of features for your comfort and convenience, including air conditioning, two-way radios, and first aid kits. Whether it’s wet or dry hire you need, rest assured you’ll be given everything you need to make best use of our cranes and services.

All-inclusive 25t franna crane hire - peace of mind guaranteed

Terex Franna MAC25-IV

Our franna cranes come with 20 degrees of movement to either side, improving moblity and maneuvrability  

Explore our other crane sizes available for wet or dry hire

After years of industry experience, we have a firsthand understanding of how challenging construction and mining projects can be - but it’s this understanding that helps us provide crane hire services specifically tailored to those industries. 

From our base in Canning Vale, we’ve contributed to the successful delivery of countless mining and construction products; with the help of our cranes of course. 

Crane hire services tailored to the construction and mining industries

Do you need a sturdy, reliable, and professionally maintained 25t franna crane for your next construction or mining project? We’ve got you covered. 

 If you’d prefer to get in touch using our contact form, please provide us with as much detail about your project as possible - this will in turn help us develop a more comprehensive quote for you.

Our machines are meticulously maintained, operated by experts, and always ready to go – so you can leave the hard part to us. Give us a call or get in touch via our online form so we can create a wet or dry hire plan that suits you.

Interested in hiring one of our 25t franna cranes? Get in touch today

From our base in Canning Vale, we have been providing our crane hire services to Western Australia’s mining and construction industries since 2009. 

Our capable, confident, and passionate team has worked across the state and over the border on jobs of all kinds and sizes. If you’re interested in engaging our services for your next job, contact us today.

Bringing reliable crane hire to sites across Australia

25 Levis Drive, Canning Vale WA, 6155


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Meet the Manager of Maximum Hire, Ian 

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12th January 2017

12th January 2017

The Latest Addition to our Fleet

12th January 2017

CSS Crane Hire Pty Ltd has been operating since 2009 Australia-wide with a commitment to providing new and modern pick and carry mobile cranes.

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Copyright @ CSS Crane Hire 2022 

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